Our wide reaching client base has won awards and recognition within the timberframe industry with the aid of our design experties and technical support.

What we have done for others.

We have undertaken a staggering array of projects right across the UK - from small domestic extensions, to some of the biggest timber frame constructions in the country. Our portfolio of projects is ever-changing, so please contact us to review what's applicable for you.

The st. lukes project

Timberspeck has designed the timber frame superstructure for numerous large comercial and public projects such as schools. Acheiving and beating targets on Thermal Efficiency, Air Tightness and Acoustics. Please see below for a timelapse example of the constructoin of one such project.


Building St. Luke's School Part One

Building St. Luke's School Part Two

Building St. Luke's School Part Four

Building St. Luke's School Part Five